Knocking over the (marketing) dominos

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I started my career in professional marketing over 30 years ago — even to me that sounds like a long time. I’m sure many will read that and assume I’m old school, stuck in my way, don’t understand, can’t grasp new concepts, and on and on and on.

None of that is true. What is true is that as we explore the edges of marketing trends and technologies; the rise and fall of various methods and techniques; and the overwhelming changes happening every day in our field — it becomes evident to me, that what’s old becomes new. The cycles are just fast today and the investment is much smaller. (more…)

4 Universal Laws of Successful Product Launches

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How to successfully launch a new product

I’ve been asked, “What does it take to launch a service (product)?”  If I’m being asked that questions, I assume at least two things …. (1) there is a product, beyond the “idea” phase and potentially in development and (2) you haven’t launched yet, allowing time to create a launch plan. If the first isn’t true, fine, but if the second is – you’re in trouble and you’ll make bigger mistakes (which you can overcome).  In general, it’s best to be thinking through “how to launch” during the development cycle. (more…)