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Arnie McKinnis | 5 Must Have Product Marketing Documents

5 Must Have Product Marketing Documents

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Created this presentation, rather than writing an article.  It is focused on those documents each Product Marketing professional needs to have in their back pocket – they are the foundation of any planning documents, marketing facing documents and sales training documents for your product or service.  Let me know what you think in the comments.  

If you need help creating these or anything else regarding product marketing, I’m here to help.  Let’s chat!

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Contact me today (really I mean that).  I can help you and am available for short/long term consulting or employment for the right opportunity.  Additionally, I invite you to read more of my articles, I post on many of the sites above.  Sharing ideas, taking products to market, or just understanding more about the process - that's what it's all about.   Issues with any or all content used in this post should be directed to the author.