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Arnie McKinnis | 50+ Tips, Tricks and Hacks to up your Twitter Engagement

50+ Tips, Tricks and Hacks to up your Twitter Engagement

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One thing I absolutely love about Twitter is the amount of information they provide through Twitter Analytics – they are miles ahead of any other platform in terms of the informational reports they provide.  One of the interesting stats available is your Twitter Engagement Rate (TER).  It’s a great little stat that provides you with feedback concerning how people view you’re tweets – is it just white noise in their stream, or do they actually see them – and think “hey I need to read that article” or “I bet other people would like to see this”.

As I was looking at mine today (hovers at about 0.6% right now), I thought – I wonder what tips are out there to help me up that number.  And as you can imagine, other people are talking about it too.  I decided to share five of the articles I found – all have some great tips, many were the same from one resource to the next, but others were counter intuitive to what I was thinking.

Check out the articles. Do you have any tips?  Put them in the comments.   

10 Twitter Tactics to Increase Your Engagement (Social Media Examiner)


This is a quick read, references multiple sources and has a couple surprises in the list (#10 is completely counter-intuitive). 
From the Article:  “Twitter’s true value is in its engagement. Unless people are engaging with you on Twitter, you’re wasting your time.  In this article I’ll share 10 tweeting techniques that lead to better engagement.”


How We Increased Our Twitter Engagement Rate by 180% in Two Months (HootSuite)


Taking a hard look at Twitter engagement, HootSuite decided they needed to up their game.  Sitting at about .05% TER (Twitter engagement rate), they wanted to up it 1.5%.  This article has their top 5 tips to hit your goal and beyond. 
From the Article: “As social media marketers, we have a wealth of tools at our disposal to measure our performance. But with so much to track, what can get lost is focus on the metrics we can dramatically improve with specific tactical decisions.”


23 Strategies to Increase Your Twitter Engagement (AdEspresso)


Another great article about Twitter Engagement, but what makes this one difference is the mini-lesson they give you on “looking at your Twitter stats”. 
From the Article:  “Almost every brand has been in the position where they’re churning out a boatload of content and no one ever seems to interact with it, and it’s easy to get frustrated when those last three genius tweets you posted didn’t get so much as a like.”


5 Tools to Increase Twitter Engagement Overnight (Neil Patel)


Saying Neil Patel is a marketing expert, is like calling Robert Deniro a pretty good actor.  And with most of his articles, this one doesn’t disappoint – he packs it with 5 of his top tools to build Twitter Engagement. 
From the Article: Even if you use Twitter religiously, sharing content and engaging with your favorite brands and influencers, there is no guarantee of success. As suggested by Twitter, you should establish objectives related to your marketing strategy. This is based largely on one key word: engagement.”


How I Got 10,000 Twitter Followers in 3 Months (and a 13% Engagement Rate) (Ben Brown via bitcatcha)


Anytime you see a 13% engagement rate, it should make your eyes bulge and your ears pick up … there are 8 tips (plus one bonus tip) Ben used to go from zero to 10K in 3 months.  See if any of these ring true for you – what do you have to lose? 
From the Article: “Earlier last year I set myself a little challenge. To set up a Twitter account and reach 10,000 followers. It had to be a completely new account, starting from zero. It was unaffiliated to any existing site, and I didn’t use my existing network. Just a pure experiment from scratch.”


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