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Arnie McKinnis | About

I’m Arnie,
the man-in-the- middle …

I’ve built my professional career as the “go to” guy for new products, ideas & innovation. I’ve spent his entire career taking “Playdough” and developing real products and services. I truly love the process of melding disparate “trends & ideas”, then  and creating something completely new.

I enjoy the chaotic nature of technology – the ever expanding and changing landscape. Currently, I’m available as a “gun for hire” to help you take your company, products or ideas to the next level.  Contact me today, let’s see how I can solve your product marketing problems.

Other ways to “find out” who I am …

The quick and dirty bio …

I graduated college in 1983 (yep, like 4 lifetimes in tech years), with a marketing degree from Oklahoma Christian University.  I thought I was going to spend my life within the creative world of advertising – but “life” threw me a curveball and landed me into the world of technology @ a very small software company at the time, JD Edwards & Company (they later became a very big software company and were acquired by Oracle).

From that first day at JDE all the way to today, I have never looked back.  I love technology.  I love the dynamic nature of it.  I love how it changes lives.  I love how quickly it changes.  Basically, this industry is fun, exciting and still “gets me going” every day.

Over my career, I have worked for a variety of companies – from F50 global companies, to startups; for companies growing fast to those re-trenching, re-starting, and re-booting.  Along the way, I have been a quota-carrying sales guy, a marketing guy, a product guy, a solutions architect, a technical guy and a market analyst; I’ve been a solopreneur, an individual contributor, a manager, a director, and a VP; I’ve designed, installed, integrated, programmed and ripped out.  

I have seen the technology through booms and busts.  All of that means one thing to you – I have experience.   None of that matters, the only thing that does is this … I’m still running forward, learning, trying, and testing.  I still get up every morning, with that electric feeling, ready to find out what exciting new things are going to happen today.  I can promise is three things
 If you lack information – I can find it and provide an analysis
 If you have a new product or company idea – I can help you define it
 If you’re ready to sell – I can help enable it 
 and finally … If you have a product or marketing problem – I can solve it