What is a Critical Assumption?

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I published the following on my initial blog, called Critical Assumptions.  It was on Blogger and until recently, if you typed in the URL, you could see all 388 articles dating back to 2006.  This one, published about 10 years ago, still is in the top 5 Google results when you type the keyword phrase “critical assumption”.  I’m putting it here, because it still have value – and much of it is timeless.  Enjoy!  AM


I named this blog critical assumption for one simple fact, everyone makes assumptions every hour of every day. We make hundreds of then – from assuming you will wake up in the morning to the car will start to that Starbuck’s coffee will taste good to my paycheck will clear to {you get the picture}.

Are you up for the challenge?

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We are all challenged in some way or another, it is a fact of the human condition. Spend a few minutes with another person, and they will probably mention (either directly or indirectly), some challenge they are facing at the moment. (more…)

50+ Tips, Tricks and Hacks to up your Twitter Engagement

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One thing I absolutely love about Twitter is the amount of information they provide through Twitter Analytics – they are miles ahead of any other platform in terms of the informational reports they provide.  One of the interesting stats available is your Twitter Engagement Rate (TER).  It’s a great little stat that provides you with feedback concerning how people view you’re tweets – is it just white noise in their stream, or do they actually see them – and think “hey I need to read that article” or “I bet other people would like to see this”. (more…)