Let’s Connect

Social Media has changed the way we connection with other people. We now have access to talk, share, engage, and work with almost anyone in the world. Let’s connect – scroll down, and click on the sites you use – and let’s get connected. 

let’s get linked on LinkedIn 

did you know, LinkedIn has over 500 million people on their site & there are about 40 to 50 million professions active on LinkedIn during any single month?    
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140 characters is more than enough to say “Hi” 

let’s follow each other on Twitter.  I keep tweet about marketing, product marketing, marketing technology, growthhacking, IT services, and new trends in the technology market place.  I share articles and whatever interests me.

Facebook is the king of social media  

I have a much smaller following on Facebook, and have only recently started expanding what I put out there.  If Facebook is your go to social media, let’s connect there, too.
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beBee is an up and coming platform, time to check it out

  beBee is fairly new, and they are trying to make a splash in the social media world.  The founder are from Spain, and have a slightly differnet slant on the social media website thing.  Be aware, it is simliar to LinkedIn, and doesn’t have the reach, but they have potential.  And who doesn’t like jumping on something new so you can tell your friends “yea, I’ve been on there for years”. 
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who doesn’t use Google?

we all use Google for search, but they also have a sharing platform in Google+ – let’s get connected over there also.
it’s worth a GOOGLE

medium IS publishing

  Medium is all about self-publishing.  Other social media sites might do it as a sideline thing, but for Medium, it is the the thing.

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