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Arnie McKinnis | Services

Product Marketing Problem Solver

if you’ve got a product marketing problem, I can get rid of it for you – from strategy through planning to sales enablement to launch & go-to-market

Product marketing is not a “thing” it’s the business end of making things happen.

having an idea is only the first step.  taking that idea and making real is where the magic happens.  I believe there is are some very key areas when moving a product from an idea to making money with it – and it includes knowing your market, knowing “why” someone would buy, and reaching those people and companies in the most efficient way possible.

Keep scrolling down to find out what I can do for you.  


Let’s figure out how to work together …

It’s always good to know how someone works, especially when that someone is “working” for you. The following is a quick breakdown of the process and three of the ways we can get it started.

Step 1 – initial phone call

With the first call, I’ll be asking what you want to accomplish. Do you need more information, more content, a better understanding of your market, the best way to support your sales people? All this will be wrapped within the overall question of “what’s the product?” – which is where I always start. After the first call, I will be in a better position to help – and honestly – if I can’t, I’ll let you know that also.

Step 2 – my research

Now it’s time for me to do a little research about you, based upon the conversation we had on the phone. You will also have emailed me any information that will help me. All this sets us up for the second call.

Step 3 – second call – my initial thoughts and plan of action

I’ve heard what you told me, I’ve gone out to see what you tell the “internet” world, and hopefully gotten a better understanding of market position, at least a high level understanding. Now we talk about how to move things forward. I’ll come with some suggestions – and in most cases – how I start helping you. And yes, that would include a fairly high level idea of what I believe it will cost for you to engage me to help.

Step 4 – Proposal and Plan

Now we are at a point where we either get going now, you decided I’m not the guy, or we are in a holding pattern until something is in place. In any of those cases, you will walk away with a bit more information and some idea where I believe you need to go next for your business. I’ll give you my proposal, a price and plan. How we proceed is up to you.




I’ve done everything from a single call to ongoing scheduled calls with clients. Usually an hour is scheduled and we talk about anything you want to talk about. If there is something you’d like me to do (like help with some research or write a blog article), that is done as a separate project, with its own fee structure. These are billed and paid separately. I’m working on getting setup with a service that allows for “calls by the minute” – until then, it’s a one hour minimum.


Projects are just what they – and include a defined deliverable within a defined time period. They can run the whole spectrum, from very short (I need a document reviewed) to multi-month (I need a better understanding of my competitive market, profiles of competitors, positioning against them, and training for my sales people). Regardless of the “what”, projects come with a set cost and we will have status meetings based upon your requirements.


With a retainer, working together means is bit easier. You get a set number of hours per month, to utilize however you see fit, and in general we will talk about the general rules of engagement. This is set period (usually 6+ months), a set fee, a set number of hours and a planned call (usually weekly) to ensure we are on track. Depending on the size of your company, there may be multiple people I will work with through the contract period.

That’s about it. Nothing very complicated, just think of me as your resource – if all you need is quick, let’s do a phone call; if all you need are blog articles (4 month); let’s set up a project to take care of it; if you need someone to be in an “acting” role, or multiple types of projects, then let’s get you on a monthly retainer and start the ball rolling.